A Complete List of Skills the Rider can Develop to Master Communicating with and Riding a Horse

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We recommend you buy and use this Fundamentals book as a Bible to guide your growth as a horse rider of any discipline. Its author, Hollie McNeil became certified in Germany in all three disciplines at once. Her lessons are short and to the point.

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The book and all of its associated parts is copyrighted. This is a mere summary outline to get you started. A detailed checklist of tracking skills can be found and purchased from Certified Horsemanship of America, CHA has nothing to do with the ideas expressed by Hollie McNieil. We suggest starting with just stage one of three. This makes a great tracking list to mark off the student’s progress in orderly steps. See:

For more information on Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) visit www.CHA.horse and to purchase the CHA Composite Manual of Horsemanship by Levels or all in one visit – https://cha.horse/shop-educational-manuals/

Fundamentals of English Riding (40) By Hollie H McNeil
Includes a DVD and reference to a YouTube site for all 40 steps.
Contents of the DVD also seen on:
One set for each step.

The basic listed chapters of skills are:

1. Learning Control
2-5. Riding Position
6-10. Riding Aids
11-18. Working on Gaits
11. The Walk
12. The Trot
13. Posting and Sitting Trot
14. The Cantor
15. Cantor Leads
16. The Halt
17. Rein Back
18. Transitions
19-26. The Training Scale
27-29. Key Riding Techniques
30-38. School Figures
29-40 Lateral Work
Final chapter 8: The Destination: Intuitive Riding
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