Ways to Introduce Students to Horses

1) Read books about horses.


2) Trace and color or paint pictures of horses.

3) See horse movies. You can easily Google the list.

4) Find & visit a teaching stable:

Go to www.YP.com, search on “horse stables” use the address as your own. After the response shows, go to the top and chose to order them in “distance” where is says “default.” Look at the web pages, visit some, ask other horse people, feed stores, vets, farriers for their evaluations.

5) Also see the www.CHA.horse site to find a certified CHA instructor near you. Many areas have great instructors who are not certified. And that’s OK. Get advice from others and visit the stables. Reservations for a tour and lessons are made at each stable. Many do not have online scheduling. We encourage English riding unless you have goals needing Western riding. Some will disagree.

Print out your list and keep notes about the stables. If you find a horse that connects well with you, ask to continue lessons with that horse.

Good luck.!! HorsesEveryOne.org OR FaceBook.com/HorsesEveryOne

Also, help the cause. Encourage corporations and people to donate:


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