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Horses EveryOne collects and invests money to bring Post-Industrial Age, modern technology people back in touch with horses, experiencing their ancient lessons and joys.  We:  
  • Provide information for art, writing and reading projects about horses.
  • Show the path to find a horse lesson stable:  go to, select “stables” + <enter>     your personal address; hit enter and change default to distance in the upper right corner.  Then view 5 webpages and print out.  Get advice from horse friends, feed stores, vets, & farriers about which to choose.  And/or go visit yourself for a tour.
  • We do not directly refer you to lessons or provide any direct rides.
  • We will soon offer a list of suggested progressive skills to develop horse handling.
  • We will have a way to record your last mastered skill and next skill to attempt.
  • We will offer certificates of accomplishments for certain milestones.
  • We will promote skill development and recognition.
  • Childrens’ real names, and emails will be supplanted with parent/guardian information.
  • Our policy is to not promote and non-guardian adult to be alone with children under 18.
  • We do not engage in any kind of political campaigns, but we do augment what government units do to provide horse related services for the public.
  • Links will be provided to major horse organizations and services.
  • We do not endorse any commercial products.
  • A blog will become part of the page to share questions, tips and answers.
  • We maintain a Facebook page:  Horses EveryOne, Inc Geldernick Charity
Interested in learning more about us?
We must raise substantial amounts of cash and endowments to support these efforts. Thanks for you help and support.
Nominations or suggestions for major seed contributors are appreciated.

Please find "Donate" link above, or send your check to:
Horses EveryOne, Inc.
Box 5630
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An Illinois Not-For-Profit Corporation
Horses EveryOne, Inc. is a qualified 503(c)(3) Not-for-Profit corporation
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